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They're Just Dragons

They're Just Dragons

Warning, this post contains spoilers.

The spoiler? The last episode of Game Of Thrones wasn’t up to everyone’s unreasonable expectations. Was it the best episode ever? No. Was it full of plot holes and unanswered questions? Absolutely. Could everyone who’s complaining write a better episode? I highly doubt it.

They were given 2 years to create the equivalent of six feature films. Give them a break. A lot of the people complaining on blogs and signing petitions to have the last season remade haven’t even accomplished moving out of their parents basement before they turn forty. So no, I don’t care that you’re upset that a fictional TV show ended unrealistically.

For me this outrage speaks less to the writing ability of a couple of nerds, and more shines a light on our priorities as a society.

Sorry, there’s not going to be much humor in this post.

The fact that over a million people signed a petition to get the show remade makes me disconcerted beyond explanation. Sure, be upset, it’s a reasonable response. I was upset, so like a normal person I tweeted about it and laughed at the hilarious memes afterwards. Then you know what I did? I let it go.

I’m not someone who usually lets things go by the way. I’m still upset that I didn’t get cast as Romeo in my community theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet when I was 14.

Every time I see footage of the super bowl where the Patriots beat the Seahawks because Seattle threw the dumbest pass in sports history, I want to throw a whiskey bottle at the TV.

Also I’m still convinced that my ex girlfriend stole my favorite pair of socks and I know it’s been five years, but I think she’s still wearing them and you bet your ass I want them back.

But getting so upset over a soft core porn with dragons is some of the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever heard, especially given the time that we live in. I try not to get too political on here because honestly I don’t have the sources or research to backup all of my claims. I could if I was working for a major publication so New York Times if you’re reading this, your boy needs a full time  job. Also I promise that’s the last time I use the phrase “your boy.”

So for the rest of this week, while you mourn the loss of medieval zombies and sexy bearded men, don’t forget a few things:

Woman’s rights to control their own bodies is at risk.

Innocent children are dying at our borders.

People in our own country don’t have access to clean water.

There’s a good chance that in our lifetime the world is going to become inhabitable.

Nazi’s have come back for some reason.

POC’s in our country are being profiled and gunned down in the street.

As of now we have what feels like thousands of presidential hopefuls that none know anything about, so there’s a good chance that people are going to vote uninformed again and we’re going to be left with the same jackass for another four years or someone worse.

So is it reasonable to be upset over a TV show that all of us invested so many years into? Sure, I get it.

Should it consume our thoughts beyond one poorly written social media post riddled with spelling and grammatical errors? No. If you feel that strongly go write your own show.

Better yet write a senator, start an online petition, donate and volunteer your time towards a politician you believe in. Just please do it because you’re invested in the future of humanity and not because you feel that Arya Stark deserves her own spin off.   

To wrap up this preachy and ill-informed post here’s a meme that perfectly sums up my feelings about GOT:

Diagnosis American

Diagnosis American

Don't Shit Shame Me

Don't Shit Shame Me